Thursday, April 19, 2018 Updates Comptia A+ Labsim recently updated Comptia(R) A+ Labsim to include more labs and provide better user interface. The new labs included are in the area of mobile phone configuration for email client, Wifi network configuarion on a mobile phone, etc. You may download the latest version of the lab simulator by going to the following link:

Comptia revised it's exams to include PBQs (Performance Based Questions) so that a candidate may be tested for proper hands-on experience. The PBQs are usually simulation type questions that presents a scenario and the candidate is asked to proceed with the simulation by viewing configuration, typing configuration commands, or troubleshooting incorrect configuration. Though these questions are not very difficult to do, it is important that one has previous experience in doing such questions. Otherwise, lot of time will get wasted in answering such questions.

Comptia A+ Exam Sim with Labsim is also available that provides both the practice tests as well as the labsim together. The practice exams consist of 400+ questions with answers and flash card explanation for each question.

About Comptia A+ Cert: The certification, widely known in the area of computer hardware and operating systems, is offered by Comptia organization on completion of two constituent exams, namely, A+ Essentials, and A+ Practical Application. Other certs offered by Comptia include Network+, Security+, Server+, and others.

Disclaimer: The author or is not associated with Comptia organization and Comptia(R) is a registered trademark of Comptia organization.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018 Blog, recently started the blog site for getting up to date information to the users. The blog may be found here:

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  Please check the simulationexams blog for more information. Releases Comptia A+ Examsim With Labsim recently released Comptia A+ Practice Tests /with Labsim software for Comptia A+ certification preparation. The software consists of both A+ Essentials practice exam along with A+ Labsim, thus providing better learning experience for candidates preparing for Comptia A+ certification.

A+ Certification has been the work horse of computer hardware and operating systems software technologies for quite some time, and most popular certification. Many countries recognize the certification towards course credits and the same is updated from time to time. Check out the product pages here:


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Comptia A+ Practice Tests for iOS released practice tests for A+ Essentials and A+ Practical Applications (220-901 and 220-902) for use with iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. The products come in two versions, 1. free version, limited to 60 questions, and 2. full version with 300+ questions with flash card explanation.
The products may be downloaded from here:

Free Comptia A+ Essentials for iOS
Comptia A+ Essential for iOS

Free Comptia A+ Practical for iOS (220-901)
Comptia A+ Practical (220-902)

You may view all the apps available for iOS platform from here:

Other practice tests for IOS include Network+ and Security+.

Friday, October 21, 2016

SimulationExams Comptia A+ Labsim Update has recently updated Comptia A+ labsim resulting in improved user interface. The update includes the following:

1. Ability to mark labs. Any labs of interest may be marked for future revision.

2. Color notations: Labs have been marked with suitable colors based on "Not Yet Attempted", "In Progress", and "Completed". This would enable a user to readily know the prep status, and start with the lab in question. It is possible to reset the same to default.

3. Lab progress bar: A progress bar indicates how much of the lab has been completed, and how much is still remaining.

4. The figures are now expandable with a mouse click. This enables a candidate to view the details.

You may download the A+ Labsim here:

The labs available with the lab simulator may be viewed here:

Other software products available:
Comptia A+ Essentials Practice Tests
Comptia A+ Practical Practice Tests
Comptia Network+ LabSim

Sunday, April 10, 2016

What is new in A+ Labsim?

Several new labs have been added to A+ labsim. These include the following
1. Connecting to a remote desktop using windows7

2. NTFS and Share permissions
  • To share folders with other users on your network
  • To change read only attributes on files and folders
  • To set, view, change, or remove file and folder permissions
3. User account creation , configuration and authentication
  • Creating a new user account
  • To change user account password
  • To change user account control settings
  • To change the user account type
  • Removing user accounts
4. Configuring windows7 power options

5. Configuring windows7 updates

6. Configuring Local Security Policy
  • Windows7 Update Configurations
  • Windows7 Update Settings
  • Setting Account lockout policy
  • Setting Password policy
Check out the webpage for complete list of available labs:
You may also check out the latest exam simulator for A+ Essentials and A+ Practical.

7. Configuring hardware settings using Device Manager

Sunday, March 27, 2016 Updates Comptia® A+ Labsim

Simulation Exams has released an updated version of CompTIA® A+ Lab Simulator to include more lab exercises, specially, those that simulate Windows GUI features. The new exercises include those on 
  1. Remote desktop simulation
  2. New user account creation/password change
  3. Performance monitoring
  4. System security setting, etc.
Check out the lab sim by downloading the free trial version here:

The lab simulator is useful not only for those preparing for A+ cert, but also to those desirous of learning computer hardware and software configuration.

You may also be interested in Network+ labsim that provides dozens of labs on networking.  

Disclaimer: is not associated with Comptia® organization, and CompTIA A+®, Comptia Network+® are trademarks of Comptia® and duly acknowledged.

Friday, March 11, 2016 Releases A+ 2015 New Exams - 220-901 and 220-902 released new A+ exams, 220-901 A+ Essentials, and 220-902 A+ Practical Application exams conforming the latest exam objectives.
A+ hardware exam comprises of
  • Computer hardware components such as motherboard, CPU, Power Supplies,
  • Peripheral devices such as monitors, printers and scanners
  • Network design and troubleshooting
  • Mobile devices
A+ Practical consists of Operating Systems software and include the following:
  • Windows 7. Windows 8.1 installation, configuration, and troublehsooing
  • Linux OS simple commands and configuration issues
  • MAX OSX configuration
  • Android installation, updates and configuration
  • Security,
  • Professionalism
The practice tests will have 600+ questions in all and most relevant in nature.  The question bank is prepared such that all objectives are covered and the candidate will be able to identify the weak areas and prepare thoroughly for the actual exam.