Monday, March 09, 2009

A+ IT Practice Questions

1. When replacing an LCD in a laptop with Wi-Fi capabilities, which of the following cables should be disconnected? (Choose 2 best answers).

a. Main VGA to Primary Controller Board
b. Speaker
c. Keyboard
d. Panel
e. Wi-Fi

Ans: a,e

2. Which of the following measurement of a digital multimeter is typically done on a device in power-off state?

a. Voltage
b. Power
c. Current
d. Resistance

Ans: d

3. You find that the laser printer is slow in printing. Which of the following is most likely to increase the printing speed of a laser printer?

a. Update firmware
b. Update driver
c. Add more physical memory
d. Change paper
e. Change toner

ans: c

4. A Windows XP computer is connected to a peer-to-peer network. You suspect that the system is being hacked without any visible traces of being compromised. The computer has one user account and an administrative password set. Which of the following will create a higher level of

a. Change Operating System to Windows 2000
b. Disable Guest account
c. Use complex password
d. Choose a different computer name

ans: b

5. To automatically update the accessories of a network printer, both the printer and the computer must support:

d. SSL

ans: b

6. What should a technician do FIRST to fix a problem on a Windows XP computer that displays an “Error loading operating system” or “Missing operating system” error message?

a. Re-install Windows XP from CD
b. From the Recovery Console run the FIXMBR command
c. Run Notton Anti Virus
d. Delete registry file

ans: b