Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Comptia A+ Certification Practice Tests - Android Version, a leading practice tests provider, released CompTIA A+ Essentials practice tests for Android version. The software is available on Google Play store in two version.
  1. Free A+ Essentials Android version, limited to 60 questions 
  2. A+ Essentials Full Android version, with 400+ questions. 
  3. Free A+ Practical Applications Android Practice Tests, (mobile app)
  4. A+ Practical Full Android version, with 400+ questions.
All questions carry answers with flash card explanation. Exam review is useful before taking the actual certification exam.  The Wndows based desktop versions are available already here:

1. A+ Essentials Free Windows version, limited to 60 questions
2. A+ Essentials Full Windows version, with 400+ questions.

About A+ Certification: The certification, offered by CompTIA organization is one of the most reputed cert in the area of personal computer hardware and operating systems. CompTIA has been offering the certification for almost over 2 decades, and one of the most widely respected certs in the given domain. The certification is vendor neutral, though it covers mostly the Microsoft Windows technologies.

Other CompTIA practice tests available with
  1. Free Network+ Android Practice Test, (mobile app)
  2. Free Security+ Android Practice Test,  (mobile app)
  3. Free Server+ Android Practice Test (mobile app)
Checkout the complete range of free android apps available.

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Admin said...

1.) You install Windows 7 on your new computer. After installation, you install several devices, loading drivers from their installation discs. When you reboot the computer, an error message displays informing you that an operating system can't be found. What should you do?
A) Reinstall the DVD driver.
B.) Use the CMOS to change the disk boot order.
C.) Check the connections on the DVD drive.
D.) Reformat the hard disk.

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